About Us

Laura Cooper

Founder / Web Designer / Marketing Specialist

Laura Cooper is the founder of Verved Marketing + Design. Based out of Denver, CO, she loves to bake, hike, and travel, and she considers herself a life-long learner. Her passion is helping small business owners build compelling websites and develop effective digital marketing tools.

Ben Shultz

Graphic Designer / Web Designer

Ben Shultz joined Laura at Verved Marketing + Design in 2019. When he’s not designing for a client, Ben is doodling, going on walks, or writing. He believes that good design is one of the best foundations for any business, no matter its size, often finding himself mesmerized by cereal boxes, and TV ads.

What We Offer

Need a beautiful new website? SEO? Logo & branding? Online advertising? Or maybe you don’t know what you need? We’ve got you covered.

Web Design

Get the beautiful website of your dreams.


Make sure people can find your site.

Logo Design

Become unique and recognizable.


Surprise your customers by taking on a new look.


Discover and cater to your target audience.