Do What You Dread


08.28.19 | Entrepreneurship

Do What You Dread

You know that one thing you dread right now?

That one thing that’s been on your to-do list for weeks that you just keep pushing off?

Maybe it’s a hard conversation with a client, an unreturned phone call, a budget to finish, a mistake you need to own up to, a dentist appointment you need to schedule, a bothersome errand, or just a complicated task you don’t really know where to start on.

Maybe it hasn’t even made it onto a to-do list because subconsciously, you know to write it down would be to materialize it, to acknowledge its existence, to bring it into being.

Whatever it is, you know what I’m talking about.

Yeah, so, that thing, the one you dread the most. Do it, right now.

Go. Be brave. Rip off the bandaid. DO IT!

You’ll be amazed at the relief you feel when it’s done. You’ll probably feel silly about putting it off in the first place. You might even find that accomplishing it produces motivation for other challenges, personal and professional.

And even if not, even if it was just as awful as you were dreading, at least it will be done.

Take a deep breath.

P.S. Oh, and tomorrow, that thing you dread most?

Attack it head-on, right away.

Don’t let anything stop your momentum.

About the Author:

Laura Cooper

Founder / Web Designer / Marketing Specialist

Laura Cooper is the founder of Verved Marketing + Design. Based out of Denver, CO, she loves to bake, hike, and travel, and she considers herself a life-long learner. Her passion is helping small business owners build compelling websites and develop effective digital marketing tools.


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