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Every week or so, I put together a round-up of my favorite something-or-other. I’m a sucker for a great TED Talk, so today, we’re diving into some of my favorite TED Talks – from the serious to the funny, the inspiring, and the bizarre.

1. One of the most game-changing TED Talks ever.

As a majorly stressed-out person, this groundbreaking research really changed how I react to and interact with my stress responses, and my life and work are better for it.

2. This TED Talk about flag design.

Seriously, every graphic designer and aesthetic appreciator and just human being should see it. You’ll discover a passion for vexillology you didn’t know was possible.

3. This crash course on blockchain.

I go back to it every couple of months when I start to get fuzzy on how Bitcoin works. Then I am put to shame by a 60+ year old man who knows soooo much more about technology than I do.

4. This surprisingly optimistic one.

When you feel down about the state of the world, give this one a view.

5. This pee-your-pants giggle-fest.

I don’t often turn to TED for comedy, but when I do, James Veitch’s icon talk is top on the list.

6. The stuff of nightmares.

Equal parts dark fascination and social commentary – this one is weird, but ticks all the boxes for me.

My TED Talks question for you:

What’s the best TED Talk you’ve ever watched? What’s missing from my list? Let me know in the comments below!