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Want us to design you a Beautiful Squarespace site?

You can have the website of your dreams for only $1000 (only $250 down!)

Squarespace sites are perfect for…

passion projects

personal blogs




informational sites

Squarespace sites we’ve designed

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why work with Verved?

Why Might I Not Choose Squarespace?

If your business website requires highly-custom functionality, is very complex, or you have a super-specific design in mind, you may want to go with another option. 

Can’t I do it myself?

YES! If you choose to design your own site, all power to you! With a little design sense, tech-savvy, and time investment, you can use Squarespace to create a beautiful and effective website.

Let’s Be a team

Why choose us?


Your time is your most valuable resource.

As Squarespace pros, we can create a stunning site for you in a fraction of the time and effort it would take you – time and effort better spent building your business.


We’re design & marketing experts.

We can help you select images, integrate your brand, display content, and create a design that is beautiful, user-friendly and drives your bottom line.


You want your website to scale with you.

We’ll set it up in a way that allows you to build and grow for years to come. You don’t want to start from scratch because you realize your site design doesn’t accommodate your business growth.

We'll solve your problems.

Our coding & web design/development background allows us to change and customize elements that many people get frustrated over. (Over half the sites we do are DIY rescues – helping people who started designing their own site but just got stuck).

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What does this package include?

You’ll receive an entirely personalized, secure and mobile-optimized website with a custom domain and custom fonts, colors, and images that showcases your brand. We will work together to choose a layout that works well for your goals.

We’ll design five main pages of content + a blog (if desired). Additional pages, if needed, can be added on for a small fee.

Popular page types include Home, About, Products, Services, Blog, Contact, Donate, Portfolio, Menu, Meet the Team, Employment, FAQs, Testimonials.

We can include any of the following features: 404 not found page, search feature, newsletter signup, social media links, driving directions, map, click-to-call, embedded videos, photo gallery, connect your online booking/ordering software… and more!

You will receive admin credentials so, if you like, you can go into your site and make small changes and updates yourself without paying someone to do it. 


What isn't included?

*This is a semi-custom design package. If you dislike any of these restrictions, please give us a call at (720) 454-2852 to discuss a more custom web design package – also on sale this summer*

You will need to pay your own website hosting fees. Squarespace offers an all-inclusive package we highly recommend for $236/year (if you work with us, your first-year price is 20% off).

For custom functionality like online booking, collecting donations, and email marketing, you will need to provide your own software solutions, but we’re happy to connect those platforms to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be added on for $100 (basics) or $250 (advanced).

E-commerce is not included in our base package. We are happy to help you get your online store set up for an extra fee of $250.

Creating additional pages of content or migrating previous content such as blog posts may also be subject to a separate fee.

You will need to provide us with written content and images, as we do not provide these services as part of this package (although we can help you find a wide range of free stock photos!)


What If I Want to Know More?

Not sure if this is the right plan for you, have some questions, or just want to get to know us better? We’d love to chat. Send us an email at info@verved.org or call us at 720.454.2852 and we can set up a free consultation.


How Long Does the Process TAke?

We have completed projects in as fast as a month. A good goal is two months, and sometimes it takes longer. The limiting factor is usually how long it takes to get the content together, and delays in giving feedback.


What's the Process Like?

There are typically 7 steps to our web design process:

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Website plan
  3. Content provision
  4. Design round 1
  5. Design round 2
  6. Final tweaks
  7. Go live!

Initial meeting: We’ll meet virtually to introduce ourselves and set out the project scope. In that initial meeting, you’ll share about your business, audience, your goals, and your vision for your site. We will also talk about elements, structure, flow, and desired content.

Website plan: We will work up a website outline incorporating all of your desired content and elements. We will also advise you on some design templates that will work beautifully with your site. You will select a template and ok the plan.

Content Provision: You’ll provide all web content to us (copy, images, logo, & brand resources)

Design Round 1: We will take all your content and our website plan and design the first draft of the website. You will have the opportunity to look through and give extensive feedback and edits.

Design Round 2: We will incorporate all your edits and notes into our design and get it back to you, and you will provide a second round of feedback and edits.

Final Tweaks: We will finish the final draft of the website, at which point you will review and provide any final tweaks.

Go live: We will give the site its finishing touches and then it’s time for the big launch.


How Do I Pay?

Once we’ve signed an agreement, we will send you an invoice. You can pay by check, ACH, or debit/credit card. If you’re on a payment plan, we will issue you monthly invoices for the amount due. Work begins as soon as you’ve made your first payment.


What's the Fine Print?

We’re a gotcha-free organization and will work our butts off to earn your complete satisfaction. That being said, you are paying for a semi-custom design, and we want to protect our time AND stay friends, so there are a few limitations – which we try to be as up-front about as possible.

There are some features and levels of customization we won’t be able to accommodate with a basic website. For example, if you need a complex, multi-level filter for your portfolio, or want your audio player to look exactly a certain way you may be looking at a level of customization too great for what Squarespace offers, and what we offer as part of this plan. We’ll do our best to be comprehensive in the initial planning phase and let you know if anything is not feasible or out of scope. This is intended to be a first-time website package, so if you have a large amount of existing content, such as blog archives, we will either train you to add it yourself or quote you for the extra work.

You’re responsible for writing your own content. We’ll proofread, tighten it up, and organize it well, but we can’t write your content for you unless you choose a more custom web design package. The same goes with images, although we’re happy to point you to free libraries or send you some free stock images to choose from.

This project includes up to three rounds of back-and-forth editing. Most projects we’ve done require only two, and then small tweaks to finish up. We’re happy to accommodate any reasonable request. If you require more edits due to incomplete initial content delivery, indecision, changes in your vision, or a desire for new features not included in the original plan, we will provide a quote for the extra time. 

Squarespace templates do have some limitations. We’ll be very intentional about helping you make an informed choice. Once we have moved forward with designing in a specific template, if you change your mind about substantive elements of the design that require significant rework, we will provide you a quote.

We’re experts in communicating ahead of time, asking good questions and getting on the same page. We ask, in return, that you be reasonable, communicative, and provide clear feedback. It’s extra helpful if you can point us to reference sites with designs/elements that you like or dislike.

If you’re an “I’ll know what I like when I see it” sort of person, you’re better off going with a fully-custom option.

ready to get started?